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Looking to uncover the hidden gems when you travel? Download the hottest travel lifestyle app and find thousands of unique, cool things to see, do, and experience. Wherever you go in the world, Elite Hopper is there.

Whether you’re a travel junkie, researching your next big adventure, or you’re a casual tourist, trip planner, or even a business traveler—Elite Hopper has all the restaurants, attractions, and sites you’ll want to see.

  • Stay Organized at Home and Abroad

    Elite Hopper lets you create lists of all the best places you want to visit. Create shared itineraries showcase the places you’ve been, or just dream up your perfect vacation with your friends and family.

  • Never Have a Boring Vacation Again

    With our unique discovery tools, you’ll find all the cool places you’ll need to have the best vacation ever. Cafes, art galleries, monuments, historical sites…no matter what you love to do, no matter where you go, Elite Hopper can help you find them.

  • Get Out of the Rut

    Looking for inspiration? Experience new adventures every time you use Elite Hopper. See what’s hot in your area and save all your favorite places for later.

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About Us

Elite Hopper is a lifestyle and travel App that we created to give travelers an excellent experience. We designed the App with a vision to help people discover, track and share their favorite travel hot spots.

Some years back, we agreed to embark on a tour. Before we started our journey, it was stressful for us to settle on places to visit. We had no ready recommendations on where to go or what to do when at the place. When we eventually embarked on the journey, we looked for means to record our experiences to help others that’d love to travel to the same places. Unfortunately, we didn’t find a single platform where we can assembly every information and experience we had. We were left only with the options of memorizing names, making notes, taking photos and posting on social media.

Then it occurred to us, “There was no ready travel information because there is no single platform where travelers can discover exciting places to visit or share their experiences.”

We embarked on another journey, a journey to find a way to solve these problems travelers, tourists and trip planners face. Our journey led us to “Elite Hopper.”

We created Elite Hopper to serve as a one of a kind travel App to help individuals discover exciting places to visit and the latest and famous restaurants, cafes, galleries and hotspots in travel destinations, to share with friends and family. With our App, travelers can uncover, save and share hidden gems and preferences on the go. The App creates an avenue for people to make the most out of their travels and make a list of their favorite places for references and recommendations.

Elite Hopper gives travelers a gateway to the world!